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Irresistible Influence

Excellent Communications, LLC

Imagine a life where you exude a kind of charm that touches everyone you meet, inspiring them to do great things.  You know how to read every client like an open book, knowing what they are thinking almost before they do.  “Adjusting their attitudes” with a few simple commands, you will be able to lead them to a resourceful state.  Noticing when someone was going to say “no” you now know how to change that into a “YES.”  Learning to train people to respond to the tones of your voice automatically, without question, so that they will follow you, time after time.

What are the repeatable tactics you can use to establish yourself as someone to pay attention to and follow?

In this program you will learn cutting edge techniques to create personal change in people. You will learn how to inspire people to take action.  You will be able to create new realities and invite people to join you—realities in which everyone really enjoys life. You will be able to provide an environment where everyone has fun around you, where doing what you ask makes people feel good.

You will be able to:

  • Influence anyone to follow your lead
  • Get clients to buy from you
  • Command respect with everyone
  • Negotiate with stellar success
  • Get to Yes.

How wonderful will it feel when people light up at seeing you again? What if you clients loved being with you so much they found reasons to do more business with you. How surprised will you be when your children really listen to you and enjoy what you have to say, and actually follow your directions? And what will life be like for you when your spouse or loved one rejoices with love and appreciation every time you walk into the room.

Some of the topics covered in Irresistible Influence include:

  • Rapport building and Mistakes so you will do it right, every time
  • Directionalized Language Patterns to lead people
  • Ambiguity Language Patterns to deliver messages on many levels
  • Performance Elements so people will follow you
  • Power Tactics to become a person of automatic authority
  • Stealth Tactics so you fly under the radar
  • Emotional Influence so you lead people easily and effortlessly
  • Precision Languaging; the secrets to create greater impact
  • Storytelling to captivate attention and destroy any resistance
  • Frame Control to lead any interaction
  • Future Memories so people think from already achieving