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Sacred Relating

­­For Couples (and Paired Singles)

Garden Area Grounds of the Angela Center

Entice your lover to escape the routines of life. Re-connect with your partner this Valentine’s Day and join other like-minded couples in an exploration of what is important in relationship. Discover the depth of connection possible for you and your partner.

Imagine, the goddesses all dressed in their flowing finery, adorned with jewels and silks, sitting majestically on their throne, as the group of warrior men enter the sacred hall with great fanfare. With incredible reverence, the women listen intently to the men telling a tale of adventure and asking for divine advice. Visualize a group of goddesses dancing with and for each other, being witnessed by the men, embodying the sacred king and being given the keys to the kingdom.

This workshop will blend the wisdom of many traditions and teachers. Experience the connection of tantra, the wisdom of the power of neuro-linguistic programming, the timelessness of archetypes, and the involvement of role-playing games.

In this day-long event, we will play several games that will simultaneously allow deeper connection, and have you inquire into what's happening and how it affects you. We will dive into what men and women want in relationship, what's important to you, and why. Once you discover the rules you created that determine your happiness, an amazing world opens up.

tribal dancer

Daytime Exercises

Sacred Listening
Values Alignment
Sacred Dance (women)/ Chi (men)
This Sacred Dance is offered with great love, devotion, and humility by Tenley. It has been completely guided by the silent and passionate whispers of the Wisdom Dakinis found along the Gypsy Trail of old.



Evening Exercises

Masculine Warrior meets Wise Women
Women, dream about your man entering the room as a powerful and confident warrior. During this part of the exercise, the men will be revealing their truth, and asking for your wisdom. Let the intelligence of Mother Nature flow through you for the benefit of all men.

Female Temple Dancer meets Masculine King
Men, visualize a dazzle of goddesses dancing for the pure pleasure of movement and each other. During this part of the exercise, the women will be exploring what they need to fully be happy and fulfilled. Let your appreciation for the goddess be celebrated for the benefit of all women.


In the afternoon, the women will join together to discover the allure of sacred dance learning a from a tribal belly dancing Dakini. While the men create chi with a male Yogi and discover the inate power of the warrior spirit.

After dinner, while the women adorn themselves for the evening exercises, the men have an exercise specifically created to bring the men together as a masculine unit.

Women, please bring goddess attire; scarves, sarongs, flowing circle skirts, jewelry, other shiny objects will be available.

Warrior costumes and kingly robes provided for the men.

We are looking for playful, interactive people who want to grow and to contribute to others.